Portrayal of Women by Media: Complexes vs Confidence

It is very disappointing to see how our media is presenting women these days. Women are a symbol of dignity and honor. They should not be presented as commodities. The glamour, fascination and the physical attraction shown in the dramas and advertisements can easily lead any woman to an inferiority complex. Not only the allure, but the fictional stories and the ideal and faultless personality of a woman shown by the media results in complexes. Media portray perfection, which is not usually here in real life. Men get attracted by this depiction and start idealizing. There are many dramas ranking to be the best these days, taking an example from Hamsafar, the character of “Khirad”: an innocent, loving, obedient wife and “Maat”: Aiman, a woman who spent her whole life struggling to get the love of her man. From where on earth these women can be found. Though there are exceptions but at a very negligible level. Same is the case with advertisements, women having long and beautiful hair. Ads of whitening creams. What are they showing? They are setting standards to be a perfect woman. Now this is surprising that women are accepting these standards too. In order to gain the attention of men. Why can’t we accept ourselves? Grooming one’s self is absolutely justified but changing your thoughts, perceptions and your personality is outrageous.

If Media is the cause only it can be the remedy. We have to abolish the stereotypes that media has generated with reference to women, the idea of perfect body, typically white and desperately thin with ideal dressing and makeup. Female stereotypes continue to prosper in the media we consume every day whether magazines, films, dramas or advertisements. Why do we change ourselves by someone’s opinion in someone we are not? We have individual traits and every person is unique. Media has been playing an imperative role in creating frustration among women. Especially with the increasing competition in satellite channels and the expectations of the audience from dramas now days. The writer has a fear of ratings as it has become a part of the success to show violence, backstabbing, divorces and persecution associated to women in dramas. Women’s real liberation lies in the realization of their individuality and independent thought process.

It’s not only men who need be gender sensitized in an optimistic way. Even women need to be clear about what they want to adopt as the symbol of their identity, ensuring that this assurance comes from within the women involved in and outside the media. If the women in media will be clear about their standards it will result in eliminating the stereotypes about women at larger scale because these are the women who are ultimately or later can change by their stance.

Hadiya Naeem

Hadiya Naeem

Hadiya Naeem has deep interest in social issues, women psychology and diverse language communities. She writes about what she finds provoking and believes that sharing thoughts can be a solution to our problems in case we show some flexibility.

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