Women should not be accused of Flirting

Once upon a time I was wandering around the Internet when I came by an anti-women site .At first my head was burning and the next moment I felt flabbergasted. The reason behind such an abnormal act was the quote that was written there that “All women are flirts, but some are restrained by shyness and others by sense”. I was angry as I was a strict believer that the attributes such as betrayal and flirt for women had died with Donne and Shakespeare. And I was as astonished by the fact there are still men on planet earth who actually think before writing something.

The art named flirt is basically neither Satan’s idea nor Cupid’s love arrow. It is a likely and unconscious effort of women to be in the spotlight. As Sigmund Freud said that “behavior is a result of unconscious inner forces and a person has less control on it”. A little information of once own emotions is very innocent and quite girlish at the same time.

In the century of aristocrats the insane and vicious glance of the men has made the sylphs weak. And those tiny creatures decided to resign from their duty to save women from the disease of love. But it is heard that the sylphs have attempted suicide as the 21st century women are very much themselves capable of giving lovely glances. No offence but I don’t think giving lovely glance is the slice of flirt .It is an innocent attempt to show your interest towards something. Women are always entirely innocent and it is the men who make them evil. The innocent Cinderella left her left glass shoe on the stairs, without knowing that these shoes will only fit her in the whole of the town. Beauty never knew that beast was a Handsome and rich prince. The Sleeping Beauty never knew that a handsome prince would come to break the curse. Rapunzel did not throw her hair down to lift the stranger up to the tower.

I suppose the above examples are enough to remove the charges from women. The true flirts are the anti-women organisms that are living in the same society, with same needs and they may be living with you under the same roof. Indeed I am referring to men. What are their intentions when they dress so well? They make fine hair and always give their cute smile even when we say something rubbish. History is full of such men who have used this particular art to become famous. The Clever Casanova did nothing all day but to dispense roses and his fake love everywhere. Bassanio took mortgage from the deadly Shylock only to impress the rich lady Portia.

As women never speak about their rights therefore they are always labeled as guilty. So ladies do not hide yourself. The pretty and innocent faces are your true reflection. Rise and shine in the world. This life is too short to be accused of flirt. The world knows the reality and in the epic war of men and women it is important for you to stand firm to the buttering and melting praises of men.

Areeba Tayyab
About Areeba Tayyab is an Undergraduate Student of English Literature and has a passion for writing. She wants to become an established writer one day.

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