Palmistry to Believe or Not to believe

Human beings the crown of creatures is bestowed with intuition and intelligence to understand the mystic knowledge that lies in every object of the cosmos. By nature they have thirst for unveiling secrets about various aspects of life, case being the father of mankind ate the prohibited fruit of knowledge in paradise.

Palmistry is also one of that knowledge mankind pursued to know the characterization, personality assessment, emotional tendencies, past, future and secrets of people’s life by reading their palm lines. The origin of art of hand reading can be traced back to ancient India perhaps a few thousands years BC. The palmistry was also practiced to trace witches during Middle Age. This art gradually spread from India to China, Persia, Tibet, Egypt and certain regions of Europe but it has been practiced according to their cultural norms and values. The belief in palmistry became very stronger among different nations after the palmists revealed secrets about past and foretold about the future. People were accustomed to believe whatever was predicted in their palm lines and they had to move or react accordingly.

The kings and monarchs were very conscious about making state decisions with the counseling of contemporary palmists. The Roman Julius Caesar was the believer of palmistry and used to read hands of his associates. The famous people like Aristotle, Plato, Alexander the Great, Claudius Galen and Count Louis Hamon were the great believers and palmists. This art traveled from India to China where it rooted deep and was practiced eagerly with a strong belief. It also reached to European countries through traders but was badly condemned by the priests of Catholic Church. They believed that the palm reading is illogical practice rather a devilish activity. But later on during middle Ages, after some scientific inventions this knowledge began to be adopted logically. The natives of the region approached wherever the knowledge reached and was in practice. Their beliefs got stronger when the predictions would come true.

According to the study of palmistry, the mounts located in the hand are chiefly involved in the destiny and reflect the traits and characteristics of the person. These mounts signify the planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury and so on. The readings of right hand and left hand also has its own significance. Right hand interprets the acquired qualities and achievements whereas left hand shows the inbred attitudes of a person. Although palmistry falls in the mystic studies of the world but it leaves some doubts about its truthfulness in the minds of the modern man who believes in himself. On the contrary foretelling about future directly impacts on the minds of the people who get their hands examined by some sage palmist. Generally women are fond of knowing about the future life particularly regarding their marriages. Men are found to be curious about their career and success. They waste a lot of money very fondly. They sometimes receive likely psychological imbalances when they get contradictory results instead of those they desire for. For example the broken lines in the palm show the shortness of life or some illness and accident. Such kinds of prediction can possibly disturb the minds.

Despite the modern bang of inventions and easy going way of life human beings are dissatisfied with what they have. They always try to leap one step ahead of life and go for such practices such as palmistry, astrology, astronomy and numerology due to the inner sense of insecurity or uncertainty. These arts and sciences gained popularity in all ages after its emergence even today media is not behind to promote them and help people to believe. Media is producing shows discussing the problems of audience and telling them solutions through calculations of mystic arts. It has become a successful business for fake palmists who are earning without working hard just on the basis of speculations. Media is also publicizing them to make money. Palmistry has been popular and practiced mostly among polytheists. Muslims are not supposed to believe in the art and practice it. There might be no doubt in the existence or fact of the science of palmistry but the exploration about the secrets of future is a sinful activity. Speculations and claims about the fortune or the misfortune of the people are completely prohibited in Islam.

It is reported in the Muslim (Book of Hadith) that Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “He who goes to a fortune-teller to ask him about something, his Prayer will not be accepted for forty days.”

Media should play a vital role in this respect and instead of promoting the palmistry, it should discourage the trend set by video call-in shows. Misled people can be guided though shows projecting condemnation about mystic knowledge. It should show people the right way they need to choose while they are facing problems instead of cherishing their poor beliefs.

Farkhanda Khan

Farkhanda Khan has done Masters in Mass Communication as well as Masters in English Literature. She has diverse talent and will be writing regularly for WOMAG.

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