Pious is the one who do not get a chance…

Who is pious? If we hear the word pious, the first thing that comes to our mind is religion. Certainly it is, but there are some other standards too. Girls think they would be pious if they’ll offer their prayers, wear a hijab and have a good moral conduct. In this regard they are undoubtedly correct.

If I am not being biased, there are girls who use to wear a hijab, offer their prayers and have a good moral conduct ‘adding a boyfriend too’. This is a common practice in our society nowadays. Does this mean those girls are not pious? What can be the rationale? Why do they need a boyfriend? Is this due to excessive exposure to internet or web communities or the rigidness of parents? There can be many aspects which can manipulate a girl. These are some other extensive issues, so sticking to the pious one, I am sure there ‘are’ girls who won’t be having a boyfriend. But then again, it doesn’t mean a girl without a boyfriend is pious. So who is pious? Why is that we associate a pious one not having a boyfriend? It’s not wrong to like someone but the ways we have adapted are definitely shocking for our parents. It’s due to lack of acceptance about social acquaintances as well.

I am not saying that parents should allow you to hangout with your web acquaintances. I would either as a parent won’t accept too. But isn’t it better then what our children have started doing by betraying us? Why don’t we provide the girls such an environment where they can get a pace and peace. Why do we forbid them to visit their friends? Going out on concerts? Parents who are more rigid are more likely to have rebellious children. Girls know very well how to deceive their parents. And how ridiculous is this that parents knowing all this are still sticking to their old customs.

I agree that there are some parents who let their girls have all that fun but the question remains, are they sure they won’t let down their trust? No one can say “I trust u my girl” even if someone say deep down they have their fears. A girl who is studying, going to college and a girl who is staying home has equal opportunities of doing anything they want. I’ve a fine example from a recently telecast drama “Mehmoodabad ki Malikayain”. How absurd is this that a man wants to have a girl friend, and after a relationship of sometime they exploit the girl’s feelings and switch to someone else. Are they sure about the girl they will marry would be pious? What the hell is pious? Why don’t they marry a mullah’s girl then? What about the girl of mullahs? They might be but how? They don’t have an opportunity. There are exceptions always. But as a mainstream no one is pious in this world. Pious is the one who do not get a chance.

Hadiya Naeem

Hadiya Naeem

Hadiya Naeem has deep interest in social issues, women psychology and diverse language communities. She writes about what she finds provoking and believes that sharing thoughts can be a solution to our problems in case we show some flexibility.


  • Shezo says:

    This article is depicting the ground realities of what is happening these days. According to me company matters a lot. Grooming in a good company till the age of 20 will led the person to right path after on.

  • hadia says:

    indeed!!company with not ur friends but also ur family….the kind of pace they give u…not only pace but communication is v imp…most ov the problems are due to generation gap and lack of comfort in communicating with parents…the quest remains…why do we need to deviate from our norms?how can we save our upcoming generation frm ths curse

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