Women Are From Venus

Women Are From Venus

“Women are from Venus” is a very commonly used phrase to stereotype women. Stereotypes refer to individuals cognitions that typically do not correspond to reality. A stereotype is a picture in the head not an accurate mirror of the real world. Gender-based stereotyping persists in our society and women are usually victim of this stereotyping and are criticized for different things based on this stereotyping. This stereotyping can misrepresent the true talents of women, potentially undermining women’s confidence and posing serious challenges to their development in a particular field.

As an example, now just take a look at the way these dear men drive; well actually it’s usually said that women are crazy drivers but what about these men? I think 80% of the accidents occur because of their rash and irresponsible driving. And if women are such crazy drivers why don’t men slow down when they see a woman drive by.

A neighbour of mine is in a habit of parking his car in front of our house and go back inside to get some forgotten stuff, now this is his routine; I am unable to understand why does he forget something each time he is going out. Anyways our houses are on a very moving traffic main road, one day I came home from somewhere and my dear next door neighbor; in spite of seeing my car and the indicator to the right, parked his car in front of my gate. I honked and behind me at least half a dozen cars in line were doing the same thing which made him see that he had parked at the wrong place but I know that all of them behind my car would be babbling that it must be a woman driver without trying to see that it was basically the fault of a man that the whole road was being blocked.

My dad tells me when they went to perform hajj; in their group they had a Pathan couple. This Pathan was ready to fight with everyone for petty things. The day when the hajjis were supposed to reach the airport when coming back to Pakistan, half the people got into the bus when suddenly a new problem arose. The Pathan was not allowing any one to enter the bus. The only sentence he kept saying was “amara zanana hai udhar”. People tried to settle him down but he was ready to fight them, it was then decided that the women should go at the back of the bus with the Pathan’s ‘zanana’, which was very reluctantly agreed by the Pathan because the whole bus was going to miss the plane.

Everyone reached the airport, here the Pathan let everyone out first and then the zanana came out, carrying three steel trunks, turning out that the Pathan had not even let his luggage be placed in the luggage compartment of the bus, another problem for all the other ‘zanana’ travelers. Now the Pathan was walking in front with grace and the poor ‘zanana’ was following him, wearing a shuttle cock burqa and handling a trunk in each hand and one on her head. Now she was really from Venus because this Pathan had some problem in the upper story of his head.

These arguments aside, without woman or man this world couldn’t survive, they are both an essential part of the world. But as they say “can’t live with them, cannot live without them”. But whatever things I have mentioned above there must be many other such things happening with the opposite sex as well, being on a two way traffic road we have just come to blame the other person without looking at our own mistakes hence none of us could be humans of this planet so it’s truly said that women are from Venus whereas men are from Mars.

But I would still say that because women bear everything that these men do, may it be fair or unfair they are really special; God gifted rather to have so much strength and the capacity to tolerate injustice from a very young age.
Although times have changed and even siblings either male or female are being treated at a same level but still there are many people around us who are always ready to create trouble for the females. What do you say?

Saadia Shahzad

Saadia Shahzad is a house wife and has two beautiful children. She has keen interest in writing and also loves reading books.


  • sana tayyar says:

    i love it .plain n simple yet interesting n tells da truth about what men usually say about women everyday:)*thumbs up*

  • Sana Tayyar says:

    i loved ur article! im proud of u!:)muahs!

  • Sumaira Morkas says:

    nicely wriiten 🙂 oh n btw d reference to ur dear neighbour is well understood;) lolz

  • fatima says:

    So true ! there r some people ready to create problms for women and they r the real cowards who try to let them down only just to show men r superior ! and women r so brave that they bear everything till the end .hatsoff to the article

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