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People say life for a woman in a male dominating society is not easy. I would slightly disagree with this; life for every human being, male or female, is tough if he or she is weaker. The saying ‘might is right’ holds true without any gender discrimination. Now let’s just analyze the definition of being weak. From a bitter experience of my life I had learned that everyone who was not wealthy lacks power and hence was weak; Money was the determining criteria. But, gladly, I was to be proved wrong.

My story is about a medical student, Sadia (*not real name). Sadia was in third year of her MBBS degree when her father’s brother asked her hand in marriage for his son. They wanted her to quit studies and get married instead. Sadia’s widowed mother wanted her daughter to complete her education but the pressure from Sadia’s paternal uncle was immense. He was her guardian as well and was supporting her family financially after her father’s death because the business Sadia’s father left behind was taken over as a guardian by his brother. Sadia rejected the proposal because she too wanted to complete her education first. Her father’s family left Sadia and her family alone; boycotting them socially, financially and emotionally. Sadia’s mother had no other means through which she could support her three daughters. This made Sadia go into severe depression and she started blaming herself for her mother’s problems.

This incident ruined Sadia’s personality and her mother’s social confidence. Not a single member of her father’s family supported them in the slightest way. Now they were on their own.

However, Allah wanted Sadia and her sisters to complete their education and live the same good life they were living before the financial/social cut off, so Allah paved better ways for them and gave them the strength and brought better people to their lives.

But the question is what bad Sadia did by using her right when she rejected the proposal? Why her uncle thought Sadia’s family won’t survive without their support? What was Sadia’s fault that her personality got ruined? What was her mother’s fault that she was called various bad names by her husband’s family?

I am Sadia’s sister and when we were going through all this I started believing that money was the only power and requirement but now standing at a better position I have learned that the only real power is with the Almighty Allah, Who gave us the strength to survive with dignity and independently in this harsh society where blood relations were found to be superficial.

I believe weaker is the one who is unforgiving and who considers himself to be powerful.

Mahrukh Bajwa

The author Mahrukh is a chartered accountancy student working under training contract with ICAP.

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