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Till One Day…

Crisis, crisis, crisis everywhere. We tend to hear, read and use this word very often now days. All thanks to our government for this frequent word usage. But does anyone wonder that a typical form of crisis is everywhere in this world, maybe since the beginning of this world. Crisis come, prevail and diminish. But this typical form of crisis is just dominant on one kind of species-alas! Women. Nearly every second woman is suffering from it and that is the Identity Crisis.

I was born a Human, but made into a Woman. ‘Who am I?’ In fact, what Am I? Most of you would be pondering that I have made a grammatical mistake by using ‘What’ for women. But many people think the same way, as ‘What’ is used for things. ‘What am I more?’ A father’s daughter, a husband’s wife or a son’s mother? Many situations arise where a conflict begins among these statuses of a woman. This conflict takes place right from the childhood.

‘Why daddy brought a new pair of shoes for brother?’ This question didn’t bother me, what used to bother me more was ‘Why not’ for me. ‘Why am denied the freedom, which my brother enjoys, why my brother was never been forced to choose a profession which he doesn’t want to get into? Why I wasn’t allowed to marry a person of my choice? Why I wasn’t considered able enough to do a job or to continue it after marriage. All these questions have ‘Why’ in common, and answer to that ‘Why’ is simply because I’m a timid Creature….Woman.

I have often heard the saying that the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, but does anyone have yet discovered the way to win a woman’s heart?

I was still waiting for such a little moment, when I would feel proud of my status as a Woman. And that moment came when my son murmured a single word in his sweet and warm voice into my ear….‘Mama’.

I definitely was delighted to hear my son, but the reason for being proud was that he learnt to utter ‘Mama’ before he could speak ‘Papa.’ And on that very day, I felt I was on seventh cloud and yes, most importantly, I’m now proud to be a Woman.

Zahra Sharjeel

Zahra Sharjeel

Zahra Sharjeel has done Masters in Mass Communication from Beaconhouse National University. She writes about what she finds interesting and thought provoking.

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