Woman, a Symbol of Sacrifice in Pakistan

Woman’s other name is sacrifice; the term especially applies in the eastern countries of the world, where the womankind is expected to ‘give’ in whatever way or for whosoever.

If we talk about the woman in Pakistan, you will find a huge difference in her status, from area to area and class to class. Undoubtedly, the status of women has changed a lot within past decade, as now they are much liberal than ten years back in the same society. Now we can see a large number of women in politics, holding some considerable posts. Other than politics, you can also see the women working in many other well known professions, as medical, engineering and much more. You can see many of the competent female anchors on different Pakistani news channels.

But majority of the women, who are enjoying a good status within Pakistani society no matter, a politician, a lady doctor, a TV anchor or a model, you will see that they already belong to strong social background.

On the contrary, if you look on the other side of the picture, you can see that women are still considered the symbol of sacrifice in Pakistan’s society or in other similar societies. Suppose if we talk about a working woman of a middle class family, she not only maintains her job but also the house, but still she has to suffer, she is given no credit for her hard-work. If she goes out of house to support her family, she has to face a lot of problems. No matter, to what extent the woman is independent, she is dependent on men’s decisions, in so called moderate Pakistani society. Although, she support family through all possible ways, whether house work or financial support, but she is not given the right to make decisions even about her own life. In some families, she is not given her part from the property owned by her father or in-laws.

There are still some areas in Pakistan, where woman is treated not more than a commodity. On the daily basis, in newspapers or TV channels, you can witness many cases, where women are tortured by their in-laws, even sometimes by their maternal sides, in the name of honour. They are not given the right to take decisions about the critical matters of their lives. If anyone dares to do so, they have to pay a big price of that.

In Pakistan’s society, a woman, whether a mother, sister or a daughter, is expected to ‘give’ not to demand anything, she is only liked or appreciated when she becomes a puppet, dancing on others’ fingertips.

Asma Altaf

Asma Altaf has done B.A (Hons) in Mass Communication and likes to write about social issues.

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