Ronaq-e-Qainaat has come a long way since its foundation in 2007 by me & my best friend Khudaija Nadeem. It is a non-profitable organization and has NO political agenda. It was founded when were just regular students and wanted our lives to be more meaningful. While people were running out of places to find peace in this world, we finally found OUR peace in helping people. What started as a small scale group collecting funds from class mates and colleagues has now flourished into something much more worthwhile.

In the world of today being able to feel and understand the pain borne by fellow beings is a blessing and a curse. A blessing if one is able to make a change no matter how small, if not, a curse.

Ronaq-e-Qainaat is a philanthropic organization focused on addressing the overlooked sects of our deprived society. We are hell bent on redirecting our youths to a course of academic opportunity and economic progression generally. Our goals not only embrace providing our services free of cost but also to improvise and innovate ways to empower our people to stand on their own and help others. We yearn to witness our services bear fruit and see our people stand on their own with spirit; with resilience and with pride.

“And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to your destruction, but do good; for Allah loved those who do good.” (Al-Qur’an, 2:195)

Healing Souls

Sadly each year children in Pakistan are diagnosed with several medical conditions, some treatable; some entail only upon constant symptomatic relief. Some patients heal; some live unhealed some die despite all effort. Alhumdolillah Ronaq-e-Qainaat through healing souls have stepped in to assist these children and their families by providing an avenue for hope and strength that is by full-filling their innocent wishes and by giving them a reason to smile. PRECIOUS SMILES =)

Healing Spirits

Healing Spirits of Ronaq-e-Qainaat aims at spending quality time with under privileged children. To let them know there are people out there who actually CARE for them. We provide them shelter, school supplies, materials for recreation and others. Every child is special and he or she deserves to achieve his growth and dreams in a healthy surrounding. He or she should not be devoid of his or her primary rights. It is a birth right of a child to enjoy his or her primary rights (as per the constitution). Ronaq-e-Qainaat is working to promote and provide these impoverished children a better upbringing in which they can attain their full potential to lead a meaningful life in the future.

Donate A Wheelchair

Ronaq-e-Qainaat through “Donate A Wheelchair’ campaign wants to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities, to promote the joy of giving and to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in Pakistan who needs one, but cannot afford one. For us it is just a wheelchair; for the disabled it is a better way to live.

Health for ALL

It aims at the promotion of healthy lifestyles and healthy communities and to work in partnership with local government, health services and local people to engage with and improve disadvantaged communities. We are running the following programs under Health for ALL:
– Free Medical Camps and Free Vaccination Camps
– Free Health Awareness Camps
– Medical Support Program
Also to provide health facilities to poor and destitute patients of the far-flung and backward areas at their doorsteps.

Perishing Despair

We arrange for regular langar house meals and iftars to feed and show concern to our homeless and under privileged brothers and sisters.

Books For A Cause

It aims at collecting books at community level and contributing them to various organizations fostering underprivileged children.
– Ronaq-e-Qainaat helped SOS Village Rawalpindi in arranging a small library with over 1000 books for the children.
– Idaara Hassaan Bin Sabit is based in Karachi, they have over 80 under privileged kids studying for free under their facility. Ronaq-e-Qainaat donated hundreds of story books to this particular facility to bring smiles and add a little color to these kids’ world and help them read and learn better =)

Flood Relief

We all wish getting back on one’s feet was easier than it actually is. And we all pray with all our hearts that the ones who have gone through the historical disaster of this and last year’s pitiless flood and lost most if not all of what they possessed, find getting on with their lives to be easier somehow. It is heart wrenching more than it is cumbersome to assess the needs of the people of the flood stricken areas. Yet we at Ronaq-e-Qainaat and many others like us have not given up the hope that these suffering individuals will one day be with us to celebrate their regained livelihood.

With the blessing of ALLAH, not only managed to raise 1.5 million rupees for the victims but also donated two houses to the families of the dislocated. It all sounds very pretty when I put it this way, because to us it’s a satisfying story with a happy ending but getting to that end is where all the effort is undertaken and the details to which are often unknown =)

By the grace of Almighty & the support of our fellow philanthropists we’ve made it through four years of Ronaq-e-Qainaat’s infancy. We made it through thick and thin making it a point NEVER to give up on our endeavors to help people around us & we could have never made it without ALLAH’S Will and bearing the test of time over and over again as a consequence of the foresight of founders, the hard work and the undying dedication of its members, the immense financial and moral support of people . So thank ALLAH today and pat yourself on the back for being a part of Ronaq-e-Qainaat and it cause, because in a noble cause you can never go wrong. Needless to say Ronaq-e-Qainaat shall inshAllah keep working for the betterment of the marginalized community and OUR nation at large. We along with YOU are a hope, and trust of the suffering – Let’s convert the pains into smiles. Let’s make it ALL about Pakistan. Help US to HELP THEM…!!

Alina Akhyar

Alina Akhyar

Dr. Alina Akhyar is CEO/Founder of Ronaq-e-Qainaat. Visit www.ronaqeqainaat.org for more details about the organization.


  • Aisha says:

    Ronaq-e-Kainaat is doing a wonderful job!! Many congrats to da team n especially Alina!! May u kepp shining!!

  • anila says:

    Hi,its really a “cause” to work for those who really are getting lost in their lives. I am an economist and a social worker up to my level also. I want to participate in this cause with you voluntarily, so any service you people require would be welcomed.
    take care.

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