Lack of Opportunities Hamper Evolution

“Ability is nothing without opportunity” – Napoleon Bonaparte

As it is suggested by Napoleon, one would only succeed when he or she gets the opportunity, but the dilemma being faced by youth of Pakistan, and in particular women of Pakistan, is dearth of opportunities which is hindering their growth and success.

Lack of opportunities could be termed as unemployment, lesser chances of getting better opportunities, and lesser chances for intellectual, cognitive and professional growth.

A survey was conducted in a well reputed and renowned university in Lahore, where it was figured out that the BS students who graduated after studying 4 years, merely 2% students got good jobs on the basis of holistic approaches because their fathers are working in the highest constituent departments of Pakistan and 88% students are totally unemployed because they do not have any political reference that could be helpful for their appointments.

The ironical aspect is that the Government has been striving for better education and trying to establish new arenas and explore horizons for education but the education department has basic loopholes, and it needs responsiveness by higher authorities.

Even knowing the fact that in Public Sector they really need well qualified, well skilled and in particular need more teachers in order to compensate the shortcoming of Government institutions and develop Public sector up to the standards of Private sector institution, there are no improvement in hiring criteria for teachers and also no increase in vacancies for teachers. Punjab Public Service commission has announced some vacancies for teachers but still they are not sufficient.

No clear future prospects, in the form of not getting jobs, rejection after appearing in interview, leads youth to pessimism. This predicament makes them insecure, nervous, anxious and self-doubting, thus causing so much negativity in personality that later on penetrates in society in the form of depression. The helplessness also creates chaos, riot and rampage in the society.

Another paradox is that some of them get jobs in Private Organizations but unfortunately they are least paid and there is a great work load and that is not alike to their salary.

My suggestions to higher authorities are to spotlight on these issues and start planning for it right from grass root level. Proper planning, its implementation and proper monitoring are pivotal to cope up these problems.

Sana Baig

Sana Baig has done M.Phil in English Language Teaching and has keen interest in writing.

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  • seema sohail says:

    interesting sana THOUGH NOT NEW DEMANDS OR AWARENESS about such issues. I’D BE REALLY INTERESTED TO GET THE LINK TO THE RESEARCH YOU REFERRED TO. MOREOVER MAY I TAKE this opportunity to add that the youth could and should develop in them the desire to strive for excellence , and as their responsibility set up standards that the institutions or the faculty should meet and would have to meet. In the end many would not get away with mediocrity. just like I reckon it is the role of society ro develop leadership especially political. LETS NOT KEEP THINGS ONE WAY.

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