REIKI – The Healing Agent

An ancient form of healing, Reiki, predates its origins to Tibetan monks hundreds of years before its rediscovery in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century by Japanese Buddhist, Dr. Mikao Usui. The word, derived from the Chinese loanword ‘lingqi’, has come to be loosely translated as the more popularly known, ‘Universal Life Energy’ whereby energy is passed through the use of a healer’s hands or palms onto his/her receiver or beneficiary.

The healer’s hands/palms are placed at several parts of the Reiki receiver’s body, for example, head, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, leg and feet after making an intention to heal the individual along with counseling and therapy if required.

As people are becoming more ‘Reiki-Conscious’, like the healers, they should also be aware of its benefits as a Healing Agent.

1. Through regular practice of Reiki, a person’s mental and emotional well-being are improved and balanced. S/He is able to perform more efficiently in all areas of his/her life with more confidence and zeal.

2. An individual’s sight, sense of smell and hearing become more alert upon receiving Reiki treatments. Also, a receiver’s sixth sense or sense of intuition sharpens, allowing decision making to be cleared and more focused.

3. Reiki is known to cure almost every disease in the world, including early-detected cancer. For the terminal stage cancers, Reiki has been proven to cause a significant ease in suffering and offer a better quality of life for the patient.

4. If a person is complaining of pain in a particular part of his/her body, for example, the forehead, the Reiki healer only needs to place his/her hands over the area and the headache will be relieved almost immediately.

5. People suffering from arthritis, joints pain, fractures or any bone-related illness should be rest assured that their recovery is instantaneous once they start receiving Reiki treatments.

6. The energy received through Reiki is extremely beneficial in building one’s intelligence along with reasoning and mind power. Students wishing to receive better grades in school, college or university are the true receivers of this kind of healing.

7. When a person receives Reiki, s/he automatically feels a complete relaxation of the mind, body, soul and emotions. This individual is known to be in a state of peace and calm from that point forth.

8. Self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence are sure-shot indicators that show visible improvement in the first few Reiki healing sessions.

9. People living with chronic diseases such as ulcers, diabetes, jaundice, hepatitis, eczema, psoriasis and high blood pressure will find great relief when receiving regular Reiki healing.

10. Lastly but not the least, a person’s weight can be controlled using Reiki and meditation to stabilise food cravings and intake.

Sairah Khalid

Sairah Khalid is a Professional Content Management Specialist, Educationist, Reiki Healer and Political Activist.

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